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Maureen Law, Holy Fire® III Reiki Master

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Maureen Law. To begin my interview with Maureen, I simply asked her what first came to mind when I said “tell me about your life.” She replied by saying that her life has been a journey and that God planned a life that was much different from what she expected. I know this is the case for so many of us as we ride the waves of life- sometimes crashing, sometimes still. Below, you’ll read about some of the most transformative experiences of Maureen’s life thus far, including her transition from working in the medical field, to creating a lifestyle deeply rooted in her spirituality.


Maureen grew up near Buffalo, NY, alongside her three younger sisters. She never enjoyed school growing up and unfortunately faced educators who underestimated her. During high school, she became a licensed practical nurse (LPN) through her county's BOCES program, as a way to both help people and afford her the ability to live independently. In her younger years, Maureen experienced what most would call a “dark night of the soul”, as her daughter’s father died while she was still pregnant. She said that she remembers praying to God asking what she did to deserve all of the pain and despair that she was feeling. Through both reflection and her spiritual practices, she now believes that the worst experiences serve as a cleansing and purification, and that those experiences have led her to grow into the person she is now. She said that having been through such a tragic experience at a young age, she was able to better connect with people in her work and personal life as she understood the depth of emotions that come with losing someone. She also recognizes her support system, including her mother and father in-law, friends and family, for helping her through such an agonizing time.

Maureen is an incredibly compassionate person who genuinely values the connections she makes with others, as well as the impact that she has on their life. She radiates so much light and love, and has such a comforting presence. Initially, Maureen worked in a nursing home, but soon switched to working in a hospital’s intensive care unit. From there, she moved to the area around St. Bonaventure University, and lived there for 20 years while working in a cardiology office. Maureen enjoyed the benefits of this shift as it allowed her to spend more time with her daughter. Then, in 2000, she moved to Rochester, NY, to be closer to her daughter, and began working in an internal medicine office.

Maureen is very grateful to God for trusting her to take care of the sick people of the world. She said it was both a privilege and an honor to work in nursing for so many years. She wasn’t planning to retire as early as she did, however she was guided to retire as she felt that she wouldn’t be happy and healthy given the changes in health care administration, the pandemic, and the toll that nursing takes on the body. In 2009, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), and therefore has to be very gentle with her body and mindful of the amount of work that she takes on. Thankfully, she says that with energy work, meditation, diet changes, and medication, her symptoms are well managed.

After a bad car accident, where Maureen broke her knee, her sister performed reiki on her to help alleviate the pain. Reiki is a Japanese form of energy healing that she initially thought was woo-woo, but could not ignore after having such a profound healing experience. This led her to delve into energy healing and in 2014, she took the reiki 1 and 2 courses being offered at Lightways Journey”, while still working as a nurse. During this process, it was difficult for her to go from a soothing, meditative environment, to working as a nurse in a fast paced and often chaotic environment. Despite this, she said that having a spiritual practice benefited her as a nurse in that she was able to better maintain her energy, stay grounded, and connected spiritually.

Maureen is currently on a Kriya yoga spiritual path and also practices Reiki, both of which are rooted in the idea that everything happens for us, even the toughest of things, and that there is a higher power guiding us through life. Maureen believes that “if you can connect to a higher power, it can change everything for a person”. She eventually became a Brahmacharya (part of the Hindu faith) and takes the vows of poverty, chastity, meaning giving sexual feelings to God, and obedience to both the ten commandments and the Gurus teachings. Maureen’s Gurus are Anandamayi Ma, an Indian saint and yoga guru, and Paramahansa Yogananda, an Indian Hindu monk, yogi and guru who introduced the teachings of Kriya Yoga.

In 2020, Maureen decided to sell her house and to move into The Assisi Institute, a meditation center located in Irondequoit, NY. The Assisi Institute studies and practices a “spiritual lifestyle based on meditation, contemplation, and seeking inner stillness”, in the midst of a hectic world. This institute values lifestyle choices that lead to finding truth, beauty, and goodness in ourselves, each other, and in life. I have been there a few times now myself and have always felt very welcomed and surprised to learn about all of the services that they offer. Check out their website for more information!

Outside of her career and spiritual paths, Maureen loves to spend time with friends, visit the local festivals, listen to live music, and swim - as she is easily able to access a meditative state when she’s near water. Maureen loves being outdoors in the sun and although she’s not a big traveler, her favorite trip was to Hawaii as it was “heaven on Earth”.

To wrap up the interview, I asked Maureen what her piece of advice would be to someone struggling to find a career path and to discover their purpose. Her response was this: I would advise them to spend time in meditation and in nature, really getting to know themselves and getting the chance to hear their inner voice, and that of spirit - without the chatter from the outside world. She says that once you allow spirit to guide you, and trust in the fact that life happens FOR you, everything will be okay. She emphasized that having a connection with a higher power (whether that be God, spirit, the universe etc.), raises the collective consciousness which in turn elevates the world, allowing things to fall into place. We are all connected, to each other, to spirit, and to the universe.

If you are interested in reiki and Maureen’s offerings, please visit this link to her business’ Facebook page to schedule a session with her…you will not regret it! Thanks for reading!

Stay curious,

♥️ Oliviah

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