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Stephanie Green, Founder of VAULT Fitness Studio

Today I had the pleasure of speaking with Stephanie Green, founder of VAULT- a community driven boutique fitness studio in Rochester, NY. Below you will read about Stephanie’s life and career path, as well as her greatest lessons in starting her own business. I’m sure that her passion for fitness, kind-hearted nature, and love for the Rochester community, will inspire you to reap the benefits of community while chasing your dreams.


Stephanie is a kind, ambitious, and genuine person who wishes to share the power of community and fitness with as many people as possible. Growing up, she attended a small school district in Hudson, NY, where she played every sport available to her- an athlete for sure. She said that she has always understood the benefits of exercise as well as the importance of health and wellness.

After high school, Stephanie attended SUNY Geneseo where she earned a B.A. in Accounting. Like most people in their college years, she felt that she lacked direction within the major that she was pursuing. Nevertheless, she graduated and got a job working as a certified public accountant (CPA), where I’m sure she excelled. Years later, she brought two children into the

world and became a stay-at-home mom. Her background in athletics and enthusiasm for fitness served her well as her kids also grew up enjoying competitive, team sports.

When her kids were both in elementary school, she started an outdoor adventure company with her friend where they took women of all ages out for activities in nature. Stephanie remembers how happy the attendees were to be surrounded by like-minded women, and how they thrived in group settings. She said that she always wanted to take this idea further and open a studio so it could reach more people, it was just a matter of time. Later on, she began working in real-estate where she gained experienced in sales, which was very helpful to her when starting VAULT.

I asked Stephanie what her inspiration was for VAULT, as well as how she went about starting it. She responded by saying that when her daughter graduated from college and was searching for a job, they travelled together and visited fitness studios in several cities. In this process, her love for classes such as cycling and boxing inspired her to open a studio of her own. In the beginning of this entrepreneurial journey, she researched single-modality studios, franchises, and travelled throughout the U.S. picking and choosing what she loved about fitness studios. This is what led to VAULT’s cutting-edge equipment, luxurious amenities, impeccable design, and offering of several modalities (cycling, yoga, boxing and strength-training).

With the incredible support of her husband, it all started coming together and she was able to open VAULT in 2020, beginning to give back to the Rochester community. Not only does the studio offer classes, but it also provides Corporate Wellness Partnerships, partnerships with local businesses, and special events to raise money for charity. Stephanie’s vision for VAULT was to create an immersive fitness experience that makes the community a better place, and it’s exactly that! The classes are lively, and filled with energy as the instructors are motivating and uplifting in their messaging from start to finish.

When asked what her advice would be to people who are hesitant to start their own business, she stressed the importance of asking questions, talking to as many people as possible, and really listening to what they have to say. She said, “don’t be in a rush, take your time, there’s a lot of time. Try not to cut corners, and surround yourself with good people who are passionate in the same ways that you are”. She also said that having confidence in yourself is an essential part of being an entrepreneur and great leader. True words of wisdom that are important in all facets of life.

Stephanie is an incredible person who has created an amazing space for the people of Rochester to build community while bettering their health. I can’t wait to try out a class at VAULT- you should too!

Thanks for reading!

❤️ Oliviah

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