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Tammy O'Brien, Yoga Instructor, Inner Child Advocate, Angelic Reiki Practitioner, RN

I had the honor of interviewing Tammy O'Brien. Below you will read about Tammy's beautiful life path, as well as her greatest lessons. I'm sure that her wisdom and heartwarming story will serve as a beacon of light, showing you that loving yourself, and your life, is possible.


Tammy is an empath, nurturer, Pisces dreamer (who loves to play), as well as a wife, mother, and grandmother. She is also a registered nurse (RN), an angelic reiki practitioner, yoga and meditation teacher, and an inner child advocate. She is most connected to her true spirit in quiet meditation, at home with her family, or near the ocean- where she feels most free.

Tammy was raised mostly by her mother, a caring, creative, and at times very high-spirited woman, who was also the disciplinarian in her household. Growing up, her father worked two jobs and wasn't home very often, however, he is a kind man that was always willing to help others. Tammy remembers falling in love very early, as well as experiencing relationship abuse that eventually steered her towards remembering her inherent worth. At 19 years old, she got married to her husband Pat- a strong, masculine man and great father, who is also a very hard worker, provider, and a passionate outdoorsman.

At 23 years old, Tammy had her first daughter Danielle (now 36 years old), who is the most wonderful mother, as well as a beautiful, caring, tender hearted, and generous woman who is always helping others. Later on, Tammy had her son Kelley (now 31 years old). She says that Kelley is thoughtful and loving, with the most infectious laughter that brightens her darkest days. Like his father, Kelley is a passionate outdoorsman. Lastly, Tammy had her youngest daughter Whitney (now 27 years old), who is her magical child, free spirit, old soul, healer, and teacher who is passionate about bringing more love and awareness into the world. Tammy says that she keeps her grounded and encourages her to stay curious about the world. Overall, Tammy's children have all taught her so much about herself, love, and life.

Growing from adolescence into adulthood, Tammy spent a big part of her life criticizing herself as she never felt good enough. She remembers feeling the need to apologize for who she thought she was. She says that she was insecure, fearful, and worried- which led to episodes of depression and loneliness, even when around other people. She recalls that when she was unhappy in the situation, she would blame others and subconsciously fall into victim mode. Moreover, she felt a deep disconnection to her body and would condemn it for its form and flaws- a trap that most of us fall into. Overall, loving herself was a concept that she hadn't yet grasped.

Despite feeling the pain of not loving herself, Tammy went into pediatrics for 15 years as a registered nurse (RN), and absolutely loved working with the babies. Each year, the doctors at her office went on a medical mission trip to Peru. Although apprehensive about leaving her three young children, she joined them and had one of the best experiences of her life. She recalls that the Peruvian people were unbelievably beautiful, loving, and grateful; she even has a god daughter there. Although Tammy went to help them, she feels blessed to have been able to receive their love; this was a trip she ended up making for the next 5 years.

After leaving her pediatric nursing position, Tammy and her family moved out to a very small town in Texas, causing her to feel very isolated, depressed, and lonely. In order to fill the void that the loneliness made in her heart, she would help and care for others. She remembers taking her daughter to a nursing home nearby and painting the finger nails of the women there. It was there that she met a beautiful woman named Helen- Tammy calls this the “Story of Helen”. Helen was a feisty New Yorker and retired nurse who previously lived at a homeless shelter as a battered wife. Tammy felt a strong connection to Helen, so she began to visit her a few times a week, bringing her lunch, taking her out for haircuts, and spending quality time with her. She says that Helen was 67 when she was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer of the lung and breast, and that she had no one in her biological family supporting her, thankfully she had Tammy. Tammy calls her, “her little angel”, and she promised her that she wouldn’t die alone; she held her hand during her very last breath. The love and genuine care that Tammy has for others is truly heartwarming.

After Helen’s passing, Tammy got a job at a non-profit in breast health for 10 years. In this position, she would go out into the mission field and find women who noticed a lump in their breast, but didn’t have health insurance or anyone to turn to. Although she is grateful to have been able to help these women get medical care, the job was dark as women often died and had unsafe living conditions. Tammy knew that she needed to shift to a more positive and uplifting environment as feeling responsible for other's pain became very overwhelming. She remembers sinking down and wrapping the pain of others around her like a child would a blanket. Although this served as a source of comfort and protection, it also led to episodes of depression where she would spend days in bed. Eventually, she had the realization that taking on the pain of the world was not helpful to her, or to others, and that it was affecting her marriage, relationships, as well as her mental and physical health.

One day, Tammy was in her yard very upset and fell to the ground in surrender. In that moment, she felt that God picked her up and told her that she couldn’t live like that anymore; that day was the last day of her suffering. She knew that her soul couldn’t take living like that any longer and she was tired of merely feeling like a body. She simply did not want to live without the spirit in her soul.

This awakening led her and her husband to marriage counseling, which was very helpful. It also led her to see her doctor, who said that she has spinal stenosis and needed surgery to fix it. However, Tammy didn’t want to undergo surgery and sought out more holistic approaches like acupuncture. She recalls that without even sharing her story, her acupuncturist knew that emotional pain and trauma was being stored in her back; this was enlightening to her as this also meant that it had the potential to be released. Given this diagnosis, Tammy was inspired to become certified in teaching yoga. Remarkably, practicing yoga, along with engaging in marriage counseling, caused her severe back pain to dissipate. During this time, Tammy also went on a retreat with Sedona Soul Adventures, a retreat company based in Sedona Arizona. This experience totally changed her life and helped her to release the pain and trauma from the past, while giving her permission to both speak and live her truth.

Currently, Tammy meditates every day and considers this her lifeline. She is Yoga and Angelic Reiki certified, specifically channeling God and his Archangels, and is currently in a Divine Family Coaching program which focuses on healing through inner child work. When reflecting on her life, she recognizes the importance of the shift from searching for happiness in her kids, vacations, and other people, to finding it within herself. Tammy says that although there are still days when she looks into the mirror and feels sadness and insecurity, as she no longer sees the face and body of a young woman, she is beginning to appreciate and even celebrate the reflection looking back at her- a gentle, kind spirit filled with an abundance of light and love that welcome her soul's true essence.

As far as future plans, Tammy wishes to teach people the Divine Family program in her own coaching business. She takes a mind-body-soul approach to healing and emphasizes that “you can’t heal your body with just medicine. You have to have a willing heart and hold the belief that you can heal your body.”

During our interview, I shared with Tammy that so many people who are on a spiritual path (myself included), feel alone and isolated. “Why is it that we’re all spread out? Why not come and live together?”, I asked. She responded by saying that we need to be the seed that’s dispersed to help others find their way. Tammy feels that she now has a joyful obligation to life and to helping other women connect with their spirit and true inner beauty.

Tammy’s advice for people who don’t know who they are or what they enjoy is to start with meditating, praying, moving your body, as well as connecting to nature and your own breath. She says that “it’s all inside of you, you just need to be shown how to get there.” She would also tell someone that “there is hope and you can be happy and you can love your life, but we have to get you loving yourself first”. Tammy says that loving herself was the catalyst for her spiritual and healing journey.

Thanks for reading!

Stay Curious,

❤️ Oliviah

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