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Wellness is the harmonious integration of mind, body, and spirit (8.5 x 5.5 Flyer).png

I'm Oliviah.

If you're currently struggling and searching for answers, I see you.

AND, if you feel okay but are searching for ways to feel better and more like yourself, I see you too.   

For the past nine years, I've been on a profound healing journey, navigating the intricate path of chronic illness—a journey that's been both agonizing and remarkably transformative. This experience has provided me with invaluable insights, teaching me that life sometimes presents substantial losses, such as our health, to reveal a clearer perspective of the world. My own suffering and the truths I've uncovered within myself have fueled my passion to support others along their own journeys.

From a young age, my sensitivity to energy acted as a guiding force, fostering a deep connection to the natural vibrations surrounding us. Though, I didn't always understand how to navigate life while feeling EVERYTHING, and often became overwhelmed. Even before I could articulate it, I found myself intuitively practicing energy healing on my grandmother, who suffered from dementia.


Today, my foundation is built upon diverse experiences, and formal training in Spinal Energetics, Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki energy healing, Somatic Embodiment and Regulation Strategies, and Holistic Health & Life Coaching, complemented by a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Wellness. Utilizing this background, I guide individuals in releasing the burdens of stress, limiting beliefs, and past traumas that have been stored within their bodies.

Moreover, I've actively participated in and co-hosted transformative retreats and workshops, sharing practices including meditation, yoga, breath work, ecstatic dance, and inner child healing. These practices have seamlessly integrated into my daily life, becoming vital techniques that alleviate my symptoms, fortify my spiritual connection, and enhance my overall well-being.


At the core of my practice lies a fundamental belief: unprocessed thoughts, emotions, and memories crystallize into stagnant energy, disrupting the natural flow of our life force energy (Qi). Addressing this unresolved stagnation becomes imperative to remove barriers to personal growth and mitigate mental and physical ailments. 


The passion that I hold for this work drives my commitment to guiding individuals toward a transformative journey from surviving to thriving. If you're seeking guidance, I warmly invite you to explore the services that I offer through my website and social media pages. It would be an absolute honor to assist you on your journey towards rediscovering your harmonious, liberated self. 


With love, 




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