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Wellness is the harmonious integration of mind, body, and spirit (7)_edited.png
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"It's been hard for me to see myself as worthy of prioritizing, Oliviah helped me to shift this narrative and find the strength to work towards the life I dream of. She is warm, kind, knowledgable, and holds such a safe space where I can let my guard down and express myself fully. Working together has helped me to feel like myself again." 


"I am in awe of the relief that I feel in my body and mind after Reiki and Spinal Energetics with Oliviah. I'm new to energy work so I was a bit skeptical, however this experience deepened my understanding. I live with chronic pain and surprisingly felt very relaxed and pain free during and after the session, which was wonderful. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for relief and to discover the roots of their pain." 


I recently received an energy healing from Oliviah and it was amazing!! She held space so beautifully, allowing me to relax and drop in deep immediately. I love the way she connected with my own energy field and the effect was a really safe, smooth feeling while also being really powerful. Oliviah pulled through some super on-point intuitive insights at the end, too, one of which actually set off about a week-long synchronicity-fest involving Archangel Gabriel and steps I need to take regarding my creativity! Amazing!!! I highly recommend booking a session with Oliviah!

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"Oliviah is a gifted healer and exudes warmth and positivity in her sessions. I went to her to help release trauma and tension from my body, as I have an autoimmune disease that I know stems from unresolved childhood trauma. Each time, I leave feeling grounded, incredibly calm, and like I released a heavy weight off my chest. I go into my sessions with an open mind and am always surprised by how my body responds. These sessions have also helped me to shift some negative patterns that were contributing to my depression. I highly recommend Spinal Energetics sessions with Oliviah."

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"I have received 3 sessions so far with Oliviah...Each session is more powerful than the previous. Oliviah has a very kind, gentle and professional spirit. The Love she has for this powerful healing modality is palpable and tangible.
This has become another tool in my wellness journey tool box. Each modality works in a different way connecting mind, body & soul so incorporating a variety of energy healing modalities builds on the other. This is also a great compliment to Network Chiropractic which I have been utilizing for over 10 years on consistent basisI highly recommend Oliviah and I highly recommend this healing modality. You won't be disappointed."

"I had my first Spinal Energetics appt with Oliviah last week & I can’t even express how much it has shifted in me! I was experiencing physical pain but also heart ache along with some other long standing issues I haven’t been able to get to the root of. She held great space for me to express them before the session & during the session I had an incredible heart opening that brought up layers of stuck stories. I shared with her after what messages I was receiving & feeling & she confirmed the same that she was receiving. It was a truly magical experience to say the least. My physical pain went down tremendously & I could feel a stronger sense of security within myself which feel like confidence. I could access the love & forgiveness I needed to move through my heart ache again & I literally feel like a different person this week. I’m looking so forward to my next visit! Highly recommend this service especially if you’re struggling to understand or feel the root of your issues. Thanks Oliviah!"

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"If only there were words to express the difference spinal energetics and the work Oliviah specifically facilitates. I’ve received all types of energy work over the decades and after trying so many modalities it comes to a point where you’ll try new things. After only a few sessions I was able to have breakthroughs I had been attempting this whole time from months of acupuncture to years of reiki. I’m so appreciative of her life changing work and I highly recommend booking with her!"
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