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A holistic approach to healing past wounds, cultivating self-compassion, and feeling free in mind, body, and soul. 


Inner Child Embodiment involves immersing oneself in the exploration of family dynamics, roles, and survival responses, while fostering a profound sense of safety within the body and nervous system.

Through therapeutic practices including grounding exercises, visualization, and somatic experiencing, you'll establish a sanctuary of security in both your physical and emotional being, unlocking the path to freedom in your mind, body, and soul. 


Together, we navigate your inner world, shedding light on and releasing limiting beliefs that hold you back. By nurturing your connection with your inner child, you'll cultivate a sense of spiritual freedom, aligning with your deepest essence and purpose.

This holistic approach to healing enables individuals to cultivate resilience, make empowered choices aligned with their true desires, and develop deeper compassion and understanding for themselves and their past experiences.

Leaves Shadow


Within each of us resides an inner child, often representing different stages of our childhood. Many of us carry wounds from these formative years. However, when these childhood wounds remain unresolved, they can profoundly influence our sense of self, well-being, and relationships. Seeking support becomes crucial when these unresolved emotional experiences continue to negatively impact our lives.


  1. Emotional Reactivity: Reacting strongly to certain triggers or situations with intense emotions such as anger, fear, or sadness disproportionate to the present circumstances.

  2. Low Self-Esteem: Feeling unworthy, inadequate, or constantly seeking external validation due to past experiences of neglect or criticism.

  3. Perfectionism: Setting unrealistic standards for oneself and experiencing anxiety or self-criticism when unable to meet them, often stemming from childhood pressure to perform or achieve.

  4. People-Pleasing: Constantly seeking approval or validation from others, avoiding conflict, and prioritizing others' needs over one's own, which may stem from a fear of rejection or abandonment.

  5. Difficulty Setting Boundaries: Struggling to assert personal boundaries and feeling overwhelmed by others' demands or expectations, often due to blurred boundaries in childhood or fear of rejection for asserting oneself.

  6. Avoidance or Escapism: Engaging in behaviors such as excessive substance use, overeating, or excessive screen time to avoid facing uncomfortable emotions or memories from childhood.

  7. Relationship Patterns: Repetitive, unhelpful patterns in relationships, such as attracting partners who replicate unhealthy dynamics from childhood, or difficulty forming secure attachments due to past experiences of abandonment or neglect.

  8. Self-Sabotage: Undermining one's own success or happiness, often due to deep-seated beliefs of unworthiness or fear of failure instilled during childhood.

  9. Lack of Self-Compassion: Being overly critical or harsh towards oneself, lacking self-compassion, and struggling to forgive oneself for past mistakes or perceived shortcomings.

  10. Difficulty Expressing Needs: Difficulty identifying and expressing one's needs and desires, or feeling guilty for prioritizing oneself, often stemming from childhood experiences of having needs neglected or invalidated.

  11. Chronic Pain: Unresolved childhood trauma ingrains patterns of stress and tension, often manifesting as chronic pain conditions. Emotion regulation disrupted by these wounds compounds chronic stress and pain, emphasizing the need to address underlying emotional trauma for effective pain management.

Here are 11 of the most common signs of unresolved inner child wounds...

What Will A Session Look Like ?

We start by exploring the patterns you want to change and the qualities you wish to embody, such as clarity, confidence, or healthy relationships. Next, we engage in somatic practices to ground you and connect with your body. Following this, we embark on a visualization journey, examining the current pattern in your life and tracing its roots back to your earliest childhood memory. In this memory, we address the needs of your "inner child" while staying connected to your body and its sensations. Ultimately, we foster a relationship with your inner child, providing the nurturing and support that was missing in the past, a process known as reparenting.
This method provides relief in two key ways: first, through mental visualization and the subsequent emotional and physical experience of resolving the parts of you that are stuck in the loop of those memories; and second, by offering a framework of conscious awareness that allows for an evolved perspective on past events.
The session closes with a completion of the visualization and gently re-acclimating to our body and surroundings. We will then have time for reflection and discussion of any helpful next steps.


Recommended Frequency: It is most effective to book a session when something significant arises for you—such as when you’re triggered, activated, or facing an active issue or problem. This is when we achieve the best and most impactful results. While a single session can significantly impact how you feel and navigate your daily life, multiple sessions allow you to address deeply embedded issues and traumas that affect many aspects of your life.

Are you ready to break free from the chains of the past and embrace the present with a renewed sense of freedom and empowerment?



I've always felt very reactive and stressed, no matter how good my life was going. I knew I had childhood trauma but didn't realize how much it still affected me. Working with Oliviah has been life changing. Truly, I can't thank her enough for helping me to see how my past contributed to the anger that I always felt inside of me. I now have tools and a new sense of who I am.


Not only are these sessions powerful, but the support and guidance that I've received from Oliviah has been very healing. She is warm, compassionate and pushes me while still being gentle. I was hesitant to begin this because of facing my trauma but I am so glad I did.


These sessions have changed my life. I am able to recognize my wounds before I project them onto my friends and family, and have the tools to support my inner child when she feels alone. I feel more like myself and have less shame for my past. I would highly recommend working with Oliviah if you're ready to heal what you kept to yourself.


If I only knew how to work with my inner child sooner life would have been much easier, though I do believe that things come when they're meant to. This healing, and her style of coaching is what helped me to finally let go of the resentment that I had for my parents. It was so strong that I would avoid them, and thinking about my childhood at all costs. I now look back with understanding and know how to comfort myself in the ways that I need rather than finding others to do that for me.

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